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Aquatic Therapy Program
Aquatic Therapy is a very effective rehabilitative treatment for all ages and activity levels, from serious athletes to elderly patients. Research has shown that physical therapy treatment which includes aquatic physical therapy is more effective and can lead to a more rapid recovery. The water's buoyancy decreases the amount of force and stress on injured joints and tissues, allowing movement and significantly less pain. It can help build strength, increase endurance, and improve range of motion in order to return to day-to-day activities sooner. The hydrostatic pressure helps to decrease swelling and edema. Our Aquatic Therapy Program provides a gentle environment for patients that are unable to tolerate exercises on land.

Our Specialized Aquatic Therapy Program Includes:

• Highly trained Physical Therapists with many years of experience in aquatic physical therapy.

• Varying depths and specialized adaptive equipment allow safe and comfortable rehabilitation for those unable to swim or afraid of water.

• Therapeutic jets at various heights to target problem areas.

• High tech ultra violet sanitation system.

• Double railings and shallow steps to ensure easy entry/exit.

• Grab bars around entire perimeter of pool.

• Private changing rooms all equipped with showers.

• Wide array of aquatic exercise equipment to provide resistance/assistance.

• Water temperature is a comfortable 88 degrees.



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