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3485 S. Mercy Rd. Suite 101, Gilbert, AZ 85297 
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We accept most insurances at our standard rates. We also accept worker compensation, auto insurance, liens and cash pay. 

We offer a 30% discount to those paying cash out-of-pocket, those with high deductible insurance plans, and those opting out of their HMO's (See the cash discounts below).  We stand behind our high quality services with a 100% money-back guarantee.

We also offer special waivers and discounts to those who are undergoing any financial hardship situations.


Fees Discount rate*


Initial Exam

$150  $105

Includes exam, education, self-care, home exercises


$100 $70

Includes progress note, self & home care

Pressure-Point Release

$40 $28

Reduces spasm and pain. Enhances normalization

Soft-tissue mobilization

$40 $28

Reduces scar tissue and enhances circulation

Joint Mobilization

$40 $28

Improves motion and balanced movement 

Exercise Session 1

$40 $28

Instruction on how to improve strength & flexibility 

Exercise Session 2

$20 $14

Supervised conditioning & strengthening in our facility

Bio mechanical Correction

$40 $28

Re-establishes healthy movement to reduce pain

Neuromuscular Re-education

$50 $35

Re-trains muscles to normal function

Mechanical Traction

$15 $10.50

Relieves pressure off spinal joints

Electrical Stimulation

$15 $10.50

Stimulates the reduction of pain and spasms


$15 $10.50

Stimulates acupressure points in the feet and/or hand


$25 $17.50

Reduces inflammation locally


$20 $14

Promotes healing via cellular stimulation


$15 $10.50

Stimulates circulation and tissue elasticity

Heat or Ice

$10 $7

Helps to reduce inflammation by effecting blood vessels



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